About Us

Magflux Technologies is a company that aims to achieve energy efficiency and sustainability in industrial areas by providing innovative electric motor solutions. Our company provides high-quality products to our customers by utilizing the latest advances in engineering and technology.


Our vision is to transform industrial processes by using technology at the highest level and to have a leading role in a sustainable future. We aim to be a pioneer in the sector with our innovative approaches.


Our mission is to produce environmentally friendly solutions by optimizing energy consumption in industrial sectors and to provide our customers with highly efficient electric motors that offer excellent performance.



Our short-term goals are to offer products that exceed our customers' expectations and to achieve a strong position in the sector. Our long-term goals are to contribute to a sustainable future by continuing to develop solutions that increase energy efficiency.

As Magflux Technologies Electric Motor Company, we are committed to transforming the industrial sector and supporting sustainability by creating innovative solutions with technology.